About Us

Myrtle Grace Motifs was created out of a love for needlework and graphic design. 

Erin Dekker Raatjes is Myrtle Grace Motifs. Myrtle Grace originally was a pet name of a combination of two of Erin’s great-grandmothers, Myrtle McCutcheon and Grace Dekker. For years her family called her Myrtle Grace as a nickname. When it came time to giving her adventure a name, Erin thought to honor her great-grandmothers, but also the name so long associated with her.

Erin and her husband Andy live life in New Lenox, Illinois with a big ol' furball named Rusty who now has grass of his very own (and starting to slow down a touch with a gray muzzle to prove his old age).  Bronwyn was born in 2012 and added much excitement to life.  Nicholas joined the family in 2015 to round things out a bit.

If you have comments/suggestions or would like a custom design, please use our Contact Form - we'd love to hear from you!  Want to show off the work you've done with one of your designs?  We love seeing your needlework too!  Please send it our way!

Myrtle Grace Motifs distributes through Norden Crafts and Hoffman Distribution Company. 
We also sell direct to shops for resale.

All patterns are original art.